courtney courtney | bellingham commercial photographer

Every once in awhile I see a clothing design and ideas begin to explode in my mind. I feel like inspiration ebbs and flows and when it hits…….it hits hard. I love that feeling! When I saw coutneycourtney’s, ‘rain or shine’ dress, I instantly felt inspired to shoot. I especially loved the raindrop and sun silkscreens. I wanted to ‘play’ off of that unique part of the dress. So, I sat down with my two kiddos (who better to talk ideas) and we thought about ways to use the ‘rain or shine’ theme. I didn’t want to use too many props and take away from the dress design, so we went with simple and fun. Four cans of spray paint, some cardboard, and Hello Kitty duct tape did the trick! I had so much fun shooting for courtneycourtney and was very thankful for the opportunity to be creative and feel inspired. Here’s a link to courtneycourtney’s site with all of her wonderful, upcycled designs. :)



maren | bellingham newborn photographer

Maren’s session was a lovely dream from beginning to end.  She slept so peacefully and had the longest lashes and most gorgeous dark hair.  I was so sad when our session was nearly over that I asked Kortney and Nick if they would be up for a ‘part 2’ outdoor session.  We had to wait nearly ten days for the sun to come back out, but it was so worth the wait!  I loved being outside with Maren.  The natural outdoor setting seemed like a perfect fit for this sweet family of three.  Kortney and Nick, I can’t thank you enough for two wonderful sessions.  Your love for Maren was so evident and capturing this amazing time in your lives was a honor.

The beautiful cream hat and headbands were made by lil’ owl knitts.


the fortna family | bellingham family photographer

I know I must always sound like a broken record, but I LOVE family sessions.  The Fortna family was so laid-back and all about fun.  I adored Camille and Chelsea and had a blast playing games and photographing their two and five-year-old personalities.  They were sweet,  funny and absolutely adored each other.  As you can see in this record long blog post, I just couldn’tcouldn’t narrow down the images!  Kari and Ryan, thank you SO much!  I look forward to keeping in touch.  :) 






Patience - Another beautiful family session! You can tell the family had a great time with you. We are so excited for our session with you!June 13, 2012 – 10:25 pm