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I was elated when Patience Thompson, of Joe and Patience, asked if I would plan a special Mommy and Me session for her and her two children.  Patience’s email conveyed more than a simple request for photos.  I could tell Patience wanted to put a pause on life and appreciate every little moment with her growing babies.
When Patience and her children walked into the studio, I melted!  They were dressed in the most beautiful pastels.  Patience’s clothing inspiration came from a gorgeous sunset the week prior.  She sent me a message with a sunset image and said, “I think I would like to wear these colors for our session.”  Mid way through our session, I found myself near tears.  They were happy tears.  Witnessing Patience with her children was more impactful than I could have imagined.  I wanted to freeze time for them and for myself.  I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I read a book to my own children or let them jump on the bed.  Patience’s session reminded me to slow down, live in the present moment and disconnect from distractions.
After Patience left the studio, I poured through her images.  I couldn’t stop smiling, and I couldn’t stop editing.  Even now, as I write about Patience’s session, I can’t help but smile.  I’m very grateful for our time together.  Patience came to the studio with a desire to preserve this time in their lives.  She walked away with new memories but left me a meaningful message.  Our babies grow up so quickly.  It’s important to slow down and step in front of the camera.  I can’t thank Patience enough for this precious reminder.

Patience - Jennifer these images are so perfect! You captured it just how I had hoped you would. I just wanted a relaxing envioremt and your studio was just that, absolutely perfect! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this touches many other mothers so that they take a moment to stop folding clothes and cleaning the house for a moment to remember these years while there kids are still able to sit on their lap and enjoy a book. Thank you!June 16, 2014 – 9:56 am

deacon | bellingham newborn photographer

Mr. Deacon was perfect for his session.  He quietly slept the entire time.  He was extra curly which made his poses even more fun.  Big sis, Farah, could not have been any sweeter when asked to pose with her little brother.  She snuggled her brother and gently gave him kisses.  I think these two will be the best of buddies as they grow older.  Jessie and Luke, you have such a lovely family and I could not be more happy for you.  I can’t wait to watch Deacon and Farah grow up!  xoxo


sadie | bellingham newborn photographer

Miss Sadie belongs to a fellow Bellingham photographer.  I was beyond excited for her session, especially when I saw those squishy cheeks and that gorgeous hair.  Sadie was such a sweet little girl.  She was a dreamy  sleeper.  My favorite part of the whole session was when Sadie’s mom picked up her camera just as Sadie gave up the biggest smiles.  I melted on the spot!  Michelle, it was wonderful to meet you.  Thank you for sharing Sadie with us!  :)



gianna | bellingham baby photographer

This was one of those dream sessions.  Everything came together so well.  I could not have asked for a sweeter baby!  Oh Gianna, you are incredible!  From beginning to end, Gianna laughed, played, smiled and snuggled.  Caitlin, I adore you both and I’m so thankful for our session together!   xoxo


savannah and kayleah | bellingham baby photographer

I adore ‘mommy and me’ sessions so much!  I know as a mom myself, I hardly ever step in front of the camera.  I’m vowing to be in more pictures this year!  Kayleah, I can’t thank you enough for being part of this project!  You and Savannah are quite the pair.  You are a wonderful mom and she’s one lucky little girl!  I wish you an early Happy Mother’s Day!  xoxo

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